The MaPlage.Info device offers tariffs in the form of subscriptions, to collect or distribute data.


Collect the data

€120 HT / year

Annual subscription per first-aid station
MNS installation and training costs:
990 € HT, the first year only

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Disseminate the data

€29 / month

up to 10 requests

€49 / month

up to 50 requests

€69 / month

up to 100 requests

€99 / month

up to 200 requests

€149 / month

up to 500 requests

€199 / month

more than 500 requests

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Subscription options

To collect the data

The price is an annual subscription that applies per first-aid station.
For the first year only, installation and deployment fees apply.

This subscription includes:

  • “Community” access to MaPlage.Info dashboard, allowing you to configure the ranges, MNS, monitoring schedules, and access statistics and readings of "beach" data
  • MNS personal spaces on MNS MaPlage.Info smartphone application, used to collect the beach data. (If your first aid stations are equipped with a wired connection, the "range" data can also be qualified from a laptop)

To disseminate the data

This subscription includes:

  • The subscription is monthly, but to be taken out for a full year.
  • The subscription is defined according to the number of requests on your site (an upgrade is possible during the season depending on the number of requests made on the site)
  • Apart from the “range” data collected by the MNS, you also have the weather data
  • You have the tide data, thus avoiding the cost of subscribing to a third-party solution: this is included in your subscription.