The system was named the winner of a last Call for Ideas “Beach Innovation” launched by the Agence de développement et d'Innovation de Nouvelle Aquitaine, in November 2020

A partnership between ADI and GIP Littoral

Due to the health crisis, the territories of the Neo-Aquitaine coast have been greatly negatively impacted. In order to revive the activity of these territories, the Agence de Développement et d'Innovation Nouvelle-Aquitaine, with the GIP Littoral and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, has launched a Call for Ideas for innovative companies, start-ups, associations, etc. located in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

Various areas for improvement were favored: environmental protection and environmental management of sites, safety of goods and people, transport and mobility, and finally, that relating to, uses and leisure practices.

Connecting with communities and potential broadcasters

After submitting our project via the registration form in October 2020, we were selected and the news quickly arrived: we are the winners of this call for ideas! 

This has enabled us to meet several needs, in particular for establishing contacts with communities, for establishing contacts and communicating with tourism stakeholders.

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Development and Innovation Agency and the GIP Littoral are therefore currently supporting us, and will continue to do so in the long term, to publicize our solution and to deploy the tool to potential collectors and distributors of data.

Thanks to this Call for Ideas, the development of has been able to accelerate and be more efficient.