Imagine ... Your swimsuit is on, the towels neatly folded at the bottom of your beach basket. Sunscreen, hat, refreshments and celebrity magazine (it stays between us)… You are ready for a day at the beach! On the program: swimming, sunbathing and relaxation ... But disappointment! You have the bad surprise to discover a crowded beach, a red flag hoisted above the first aid station, or even an invasion of jellyfish at the water's edge!

With, you can't have that happen to you again!

Discover the simplicity of use of the device in our new presentation video!

Color of the flag, temperature of the air, water, crowds on the beach, flow forecasts, activities to book, amenities ... Thanks to and all the data collected by the Lifeguards, the tourists and locals will be able to know the state of the beaches in one click and in real time, and thus make their decision more easily!